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Without a doubt, there will be a moment in your life when you start thinking about getting a new floating dock or adding one more to your existing one. It is a very enticing idea except for one important factor–money is tight. This project costs money and these are the following overhead that must be considered: cost of materials, cost of transporting those materials and the cost to assemble dock out of those materials.

Having said that, there are those who choose to build the floating dock themselves. If doing it yourself is not possible, there are other ways to save money when you want to have a new floating dock.

Take a look at the different choices of materials and find out where you can save money. As framing material, consider using galvanized steel. These kinds are often included in kits. Moreover these frames come in various sizes. Frames can be as small as 2×8 or as large as 8×10. Take note that larger frames weigh heavier and it affects shipping costs. Larger frames made of galvanized steel frames weigh as high as 300 pounds. Keep in mind that this type of material may not be suitable in other locations. That is because can easily rust and corrode with changes in weather.

Moving on consider treated lumber. You can get this kind of framing locally. Kits comprised of treated lumber often comes with galvanized steel fastener and brackets but the good thing about this materials is that shipping may not cost as much as galvanized steel frames or other materials. Then again the larger the dock the heavier is can be and there goes your shipping expensed. This material however is much easier to come by locally. This means you get to save money on shipping expenses.

Aluminum is another option. As most people know, aluminum is lighter than wood or steel. Take note however that this light materials does not automatically mean that it takes cheaper shipping costs. Even if it weighs lighter it takes up a lot of space because aluminum frames come as welded units. Consider the fact that packaging is dependent on the manufacturer which is something you also need to look into.

The lesson behind this is that research is important when you want to so save money on materials. When choosing a material the weather and the location must be considered. Next check if you can source all the needed materials from a local supplier. Through that you avoid shipping fees. That said check out the nearest Decks & Docks Lumber Company which is your most reliable supplier.

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