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How to Prepare for a Home Renovation Project

Once you’ve decided on how you want to remodel or renovate one or more rooms in your home there are some basic steps that follow that decision. You’ll need to find a contractor, meet with them, devise a plan and made numerous decisions regarding materials and colors. When you’ve got what you believe is the ideal plan you may think you’re ready to begin the project. However, there are some plans and preparations you need to make before the workers arrive.

Altered Living Arrangement

Depending on how extensive your project is, you may need to shuffle sleeping arrangements, plan a new eating area or transform some room into a family room or play area. It’s a good idea to sit down with the family and discuss the inconvenience that lies ahead during the renovation. Put a positive spin on the conversation by already having some fun ideas in mind to ease the stress caused by the disruption in routine. Eating outdoors, dining out more often, going to nearby parks to play and let the kids release some energy and arranging short weekend getaways are a few ways to make going through a remodeling project a more pleasant experience.

Find a Place for Your Stuff

The area where the work is going on will need to be cleared out. Wall art, fragile accessories and other items throughout the house may also need to be packed up to prevent them from being damaged by vibrations or the extra activity in the house. Renting storage units Boston gives you a place to put your stuff until the project is complete. Storing items can give you ample time to access what you want to return to the newly remodeled house and what you prefer to donate or dispose of.


If you have indoor pets, you may need to transform one room into their safety zone while the renovation is going on. Strange noises and unfamiliar people can make a pet feel anxious. Having a designated pet room will eliminate the risk of your dog or cat escaping while workers are going in and out of the house.

Any size renovation project will cause some disruption to your regular routine. Making advanced preparations can reduce the stress of the disruption and allow you to focus on the end result.