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How to Get Rid of Kitchen Drain Odors

Drain odors cause many complaints from the family and create difficulty when it’s time to prepare meals and sit down and enjoy the food. Many different foods come together in the kitchen and the results are oftentimes unpleasant odors coming from the drain. The garbage disposal is handy, but a primary culprit of drain odors. Luckily, you won’t need plumbing services Dallas TX to rid the kitchen of these foul odors. A plethora of at home drain odor removal techniques are available for you to use to keep the odors at bay -and the plumbers away.

Clean the Kitchen Sink

The easiest solution for foul kitchen odors is regular kitchen sink cleaning. It is simple to wipe down the sink after dishwashing is complete. This removes any leftover foods or dirt particles that could cause odor if left behind. While cleaning the sink, wipe down the inside of the garbage disposal if the appliance is used.

Hot Water & Dish Soap

Many foul kitchen odors are eliminated by simply pouring dish liquid and hot water down the drain. If you want to try your hand at this tried and true odor-eliminating method, simply add a few drops of your favorite dish liquid to the sink as you boil a couple of cups of water on the stove. Choose a scented dish liquid for even more scented fun. Let the dish liquid sit in the drain for 10 – 15 minutes. Once the time elapses, pour the hot water down the drain, careful not to spill the extremely hot water on yourself. This solves many kitchen odor issues.

White Vinegar & Water

White vinegar is a powerful solution to many odors. It is a great relief when the drain odors that you experience are powerful and overbearing. This is a simple technique that works practically the same way as the dish liquid and hot water method. Simple pour ½ cup white vinegar into the sink and allow it to sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Pour the hot water down the drain when the time is up and, if all goes the right way, the odor is a thing of the past.

Clean the Pipes

Regular pipe cleaning is important. It removes any trapped food or grease so there is less risk of clogs later down the road. Plus, it also keeps foods from getting stuck within the plumbing system, protruding those pungent and unpleasurable scents throughout the kitchen and the entire home. This is not always a DIY job, so consider your skills before attempting to handle the service on your own. Of course, you can also call the pros for this service.

Call a Plumber

If the odor-eliminating techniques do not offer the cure for your kitchen, plumbers can always come out to the home and assess the situation, determining the cause of the smell once and for all. It could be a problem with the sewer causing the smells. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Do not allow stinky odors to prevent you from enjoying it to full capacity. When all else fails, a call to the plumber saves the day.