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Getting in Touch With Your Roots

Getting in Touch With Your Roots

In this time when we live lives fully interconnected with technology, the idea of getting away from it all is more and more appealing. In centuries past, the home was a place of peace and relaxation as well as work and family life. The home was interconnected with nature, not the television; the computer or the cellular phone. Wrap-around porches seemed to be used as much if not more than the rooms inside of the home. This should tell you something about how we were made to exist.

If you get the feeling that life has gotten away from you and you like the idea of getting back to your roots, green housing designs, specifically the roundhome, may be very intriguing. The whole idea behind green housing is the technique and the impact on the environment that a home can make. But really, the benefits of green housing go so far beyond that, even as big as that one point is.

When talking about what green housing is, it is clear that the major focus is on the house structure itself being built using sustainable building materials and featuring an energy efficient design. This involves focus on renewable energy as well as conservation of resources.

Sometimes green housing comes from the simplest of things such as certified wood being used in construction. Sometimes it can be that the materials used to construct a home are purchased locally, which saves energy because there is no shipping or major transportation involved. And yes, sometimes it comes through the inclusion of solar panels taking the place of energy sucking traditional heating and cooling systems.

While there are plenty of ways to build a home that is green, one great way is to consider the roundhome over a traditional four walled dwelling. Not only does the roundhome feature tons of energy saving points; but it also provides you with a living area that is truly spacious and natural. Because of the sheer design of the roundhome, you are treated to a wide open living area. No support beams are necessary with this sort of design so you are left with room upon room to sprawl out in.

Some people may wonder how on earth things like cabinets can work in the roundhome design. These sorts of things are easily handled with proper planning. If you are working on green housing but want to maintain costs, there is no need to splurge on curved cabinets. Straight cabinets can be installed on the straight sections of wall. Just because the design is circular does not mean you may not have some straight walls to work within.

Living in a roundhome offers natural health benefits, as most of these homes are made with ample windows and a center skylight that helps to naturally warm the home. With so much nature coming in, you set yourself up to enjoy a truly peaceful home environment that whisks you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.