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Pave a better road and the world will drive smoothly right to your door. Choosing the most popular road surface material in all of history will free your life of bumps and headaches. Asphalt is that material and there are thousands of years of history to prove it, (not to mention tons of empirical data.)

The choice is clear, and the time has never been better. If you are seeking a new surface or already have a great surface in need of repair, there are options. Asphalt maintenance services Portland OR will be and always has been the go-to service for the upkeep and repair of your paved asphalt road surfaces.

Portland Oregon has some pretty harsh weather, and no matter how well made (by man) anything is, the elements will always win. The only option we little humans have ever had is to cope with the climate as best we can. Asphalt repair has become a finely tuned process that can extend the life of an existing surface for many years.

The process, however, is best left to the people who have the right tools; experience and knowledge in exacting such repairs; so, don’t make them tell you so after you’ve tried and failed. Simply make the right choice and set them to the task. We will all be better off because I travel that road too.

One of the most common repairs is crack filling: A very simple and effective method for extending the lifespan of an asphalt road surface; parking lot or driveway. Though there are a number of issues that can plague an otherwise perfectly fine asphalt surface.
Whether the problem is cracks; drainage issues; chipping; gouging and/or eroded potholes or even tree roots causing heaving, there is a professional solution for it all.
New paving by professionals will prepare every job to specifications to best avoid common issues that will eventually arise with any road, parking lot or driveway. The equipment used, and the quality of materials is continually improving. Asphalt paving has stepped into the modern age and the professional paving contractors are able to provide very quick service and very competitive prices for residential and commercial jobs.

Maintaining any infrastructure is a very big topic these days. The diligent men and women in commercial paving are on the front lines, and they wait for no one. If your need is immediate, the pro paving contractor can get to any site quickly with the proper equipment and manpower to complete that big repair.

Seasonal changes bring seasonal repairs and since there is no way to prevent Mother Nature from doing her thing, the paving trade has been able to adapt to her annual attacks on this beautiful part of the country. Very few situations will keep the pros from completing any job out there.

Be preventative when it comes to your paved surface. Sealing is an important measure too and perhaps repairs can be avoided.