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Find Tips For Stylish But Easy to Maintain Living Room

Find Tips For Stylish But Easy to Maintain Living Room

The living room is perhaps the most frequented place in the house. This is where the family gets together and this is also where you receive your visitors and guests. As such, the living room is probably one of the most high maintenance places inside the house other than the kitchen. For moms, thinking of the perfect interior design ideas can really get tiring and frustrating.

Luckily, there are things you can do to make the living room easier to maintain. With the right living room design, it can be done. So for moms and others that are concerned, here are five living room design ideas that will make life easier for you:

Find Easy To Clean Furniture

The furniture set is usually the first to get dirty. And this is even more the case for furniture sets that are made of fabric covering. So instead of fabric, you can go for synthetic materials instead. One good choice is leather or faux leather. It can easily be cleaned using a damp cloth. Also, synthetic materials are somewhat more immune to stains and dirt. Even catsup will not stain if you manage to wipe it off quickly. This is also a good idea for game room designs.

Avoid Decor With Intricate Details

Imagine cleaning every corner of a statue or vase that has too many intricate details like loops, carvings, and hard to reach corners – it is going to be a lot of work. The same goes true for wooden furniture that has too many designs. So to avoid frustrations in cleaning, go for home decor that is simple in structure. It will be easier to clean and it can also be done faster. This is also applicable for kitchen design ideas.

Put Shelves, Cabinets, And Racks

There are so many things in the living room that can easily get out of place. For example, books and magazines can end up anywhere. DVD cases, game consoles and appliance peripherals can also make a mess. But if you have dedicated places for these things, it may be easier to get them organized. For example, you can stuff your living room with shelves, cabinets, and magazine racks. This way, there will be no excuse for anyone to put the DVD case on the side table.

Avoid Materials That Easily Stain

Because city life is always time-pressured, people usually have no more time to mind their houses. This is why many New York interior designers are beginning to make use of materials that will not easily stain. For example, lamp heads made of plastic or glass is now preferred over those made of fabric or paper. Also, blinds that easily be cleaned by wiping is now also more economical than window drapes and curtains that regularly needs washing.

Set Rules

Alright, truth be said, any living room can get messy no matter what if the people living in it do not make an effort. Make things a lot easier for you by setting rules on how everyone in the house should use the living room. If everyone understands their participation in this, the time you spend on cleaning will be reduced exponentially.