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Different Ways To Choose Colors for the French Country Kitchen

If you have the opportunity to visit the French countryside, you might notice several distinctive aspects found in kitchens there. For example, ample use of natural materials, such as exposed wood used for ceiling beams, and floor tiles made of terra cotta or stone, give the rooms a rustic feel. In addition, the kitchen almost always centers on the cooktop or stove, which can be the focal point of the room where food gets prepared. Furthermore, cabinets used in the room often have the appearance of full furniture pieces. Finally, to keep the French kitchen vibe going, you will discover a couple of different ways to approach the selection of colors for the French Country kitchen that would be in keeping with what you might find in actual use in France.

1. Subtle Hues

If you prefer a more muted color scheme for your kitchen, kitchen interior design St Louis professionals, for instance, might recommend the use of neutral colors. These colors include hues such as white in all its many shades, dove grey, ivory, tans and pastels of brighter colors, such as blues, greens, reds or yellows. In addition, using neutrals as backdrops in the room makes it easier to add small brightly colored accents where you wish to feature highlights. Additionally, you can switch those accent colors out more easily with a neutral background.

2. Bold Shades

Some homeowners love the feeling that comes from bright colors, and these can also find a place in the French Country kitchen. Shades found in nature in the French countryside, like earthy greens that French homeowners might see in the olive tree foliage the French countryside boasts, russet reds or golden shades, such as Quinacridone Gold, make good choices. Use them for drapery and tablecloth fabrics, or perhaps as spots of accent color for walls, cabinet handles or range hoods.

You can bring the French countryside to your home by incorporating these color ideas into your kitchen’s color scheme. Color provides a simple way to add life and vibrancy to any room, including the heart of the home.