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Design Styles For Living Rooms

Design Styles For Living Rooms

There are dozens of different design styles to choose from when decorating your living room. One thing to remember when decorating your living area is that you have to be comfortable in the room and like the style since you will most likely be spending a lot of your time in the room. Here are different design styles for living rooms to consider for your home.

Contemporary Design Style

A contemporary style for a living room has very neutral colors and elements with a few pops of color and design here and there. For example, you may have a dark grey sleek couch and then have two purple throw pillows on it. The lines of the room should be soft and rounded and the room should be very minimalistic. Some people who go with a contemporary design for the living room keep the colors monochromatic and then may just have a splash of white to break up the color.

Cottage Design Style

A cottage design style for the living room has plenty of color with graceful patterns and lines. When you think of cottage style you may picture floral and pastel plaids for patterns. A cottage style living room should look comfortable and inviting. Comfortable and plush furniture with puffy pillows is a great look for this style of the room. Incorporate such colors as cream, pink, light green, and light blue into your décor.

Romantic Design Style

If you want more of a formal style living room you choose a romantic décor for the room. A romantic styled living area is decorated in light and airy fabrics. Expect to have a lot of white, cream, silver, and other pastel colors used in the décor. Touches of floral add a great twist to a romantic style living room. A lightly colored area rug or a few decorative pillows are enough pattern to add some more interest to the room. The furniture should be delicate and light and not overbearing.

Eclectic Design Style

If you are having a hard time choosing just one design style for your living area then go ahead and choose a few different ones that are your favorites. An eclectic style incorporates several different design styles into one room. For example you may have furniture that looks like it could be from a cottage style room but then your walls appear to be more modern. There are certain ways that you should pull the look together though. Choose common colors, textures or patterns to make the room look more cohesive.

Whatever design style you choose for your living room you should make sure that it matches what you want from the room. If you are looking for a more formal room than a romantic design may be for you. If you want something more casual then try a cottage styled room. Remember to choose a design style that you can live with and won’t have to change after a few months.