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Bedroom Colour Schemes – Trendy in Taupe

Bedroom Colour Schemes – Trendy in Taupe

We might start off with the best intentions, but very often, with the passing of time, the colour scheme in our bedroom goes a little awry. Whilst adding essential bits of furniture, there are times when you simply couldn’t find anything that matched your scheme. The longer this goes on, the sooner there is no semblance of a colour scheme remaining and it’s time to start again.

Starting afresh can often come as a relief, as it’s a chance to update and modernise, choosing colours that not only do you like but are also very much in vogue.

It’s nice to have some colour in the bedroom but sometimes strong colours can overpower and be over stimulating, making the room feel smaller and not really the relaxing haven you would intend it to be.

Let’s have a look at what can be achieved with the colour taupe (at the time of writing, a very popular interior design colour). Creating a taupe inspired bedroom can add taste, elegance and a feeling of luxury.

So, firstly what are you already working with? Do you have natural/neutral tones already in the room? Do the floorboards look natural? Do you have laminate flooring or maybe a carpet in a neutral shade? If so, fantastic! All of these will work well. If not, however, these might be good starting points and somewhere to build from.

What colour are the walls? If you already have existing creamy colours, you are off to a flying start. To begin to tie things together, paint a focus wall taupe and then hang prints on the other walls with “tan” and other light brown shades in them.

Soft furnishings and lights are always an important bedroom feature, so again, sort through what you already have and look around the house for items you can use before buying new. Things like throws, cushions, lamps and rugs. Items that didn’t work in other rooms might work perfectly in your new scheme.

Then there’s furniture! Anything with a walnut or teak essence will work and both of these sit well against creams and browns. If, however, your furniture has started to look a little rough around the edges, why not make an investment that will last many years and get some fitted wardrobes. Sliding wardrobe doors come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and styles meaning that you are bound to find something that works beautifully with your new colour scheme.

These wardrobes are often made to measure, meaning that regardless of the room dimensions, they will blend in perfectly. With the finishing touches complete, you can take a step back and admire your new trendy in taupe bedroom!