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Microsoft Excel 101

Microsoft Excel has been existing for a long time already and has serve the lives of a lot of people but it so happens that not a lot of people know a great deal about this awesome program invention. Fortunately, this article will let you in on some of the basic facts about Microsoft Excel that you ought to know.

Now, what is Microsoft Excel all about?
Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet type of application where you will be working with structures placed in workbook that come in tables where you can enter the data that you would want to use, manipulate, and store. A group of worksheets is what you call a workbook where you can find a great number of cells that make up of both columns and rows. When you use this application, you will be able to compute accurately the numbers and data that you have entered no matter the complexity of the formula that you are using. The best part about using this application is that you are also able to better represent what you are trying to point out graphically with the help of other objects such as graphs and charts.

Who is the person responsible for creating Microsoft Excel?
In 1984, Microsoft Corporation decided to invent their own spreadsheet application they call Microsoft Excel. Microsoft decided to make the Microsoft Excel application as a spreadsheet application that will cater to the needs of regular people in computing for complex data and numbers without having to expand their knowledge on DOS commands. Fun fact: the application Microsoft Excel was first made with Apple computers in mind. In the year 1987 when Microsoft Windows first came into the picture, it was only then that Microsoft Excel also became one of its original programs. It was until the year of 1992 that Microsoft Excel was the only spreadsheet application for Windows.

Are there different versions for Microsoft Excel?
Microsoft Excel made sure to make various versions that will blend well across variations of operating systems. Microsoft Windows, for instance, has 11 versions of Microsoft Excel starting the year 1987. Meanwhile, Apple Macintosh has made use of 12 versions of Microsoft Excel starting the year of 1985 until now. From the year 1989 to 1991, though, you can see that there are only 3 versions of Microsoft Excel for OS/2 operating system users.

What could be the things that you will be getting out of the Microsoft Excel application?
What you need to know about Microsoft Excel is the fact that they boast of a great range of features that any Microsoft Excel user will surely make the most of. Microsoft Excel boasts of having filtering, sorting, manipulating, and displaying data in more ways than one.

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